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About Me

Because you wanna hear more than just my love affair with Linux

For me, security and technology are deep rooted passions going back to my curiousity when I first started using computers. I love the fast paced, constantly changing world of information security, and I was instantly drawn to positions that allowed me to make a difference and more importantly enjoy every aspect of what I do. From pentests to reviewing vulnerabilities, from policies to forensic investigations, I love all of it. I live and breathe systems and security, and I couldn't be happier working in the most amazing field ever. I fell head over heels for Linux a while ago, and have never looked back. Overall, I love what I do, and would love to do what I love for you.


Because Everyone Is Good At Something

Systems And Website Penetration Testing
Root Cause Analysis/Forensics
Vuln Scan Tools(Nessus,Openvas,Others)
Threat Detection And Mitigation
Virtualization (KVM/QEMU,Xen, Citrix)
Databases (Maria/MySQL,Postgres,Mongo)
Python Scripting
Web Servers/Stacks(Apache,Nginx,HAProxy,Gunicorn)
Config Mgmt/CI(Puppet, Ansible, Salt, Jenkins)
Incident Response
I also have experience with security frameworks (NIST and COBIT) and compliance standards (PCI).


Dolla Dolla Bill Yall

Security Engineer

Linode LLC - Galloway NJ - 8.2015 to Current
Pentests & Audits
System Improvements
Security Maintenance
Planning & Policy
As the first and only security engineer at Linode, I was presented with the opportunity to build a security program from the ground up to meet the unique needs of the company. I initially worked on creating and implementing security standards, policies and guidelines for internal systems and new products, including audits and routine penetration testing as well as server deployment procedures. In addition to this, I also created disaster recovery and incident response policies to better prepare for immediate threats so we can properly mitigate issues in a secure and timely manner. In addition to these accomplishments, I’m also in charge of the security of all infrastructure, including vulnerability analysis and ultimately responsible for all mitigation.
  • Plan And Implement Security Improvements For Over 5000 Physical Servers And Over 2000 Virtual Systems
  • Mitigate Emerging Threats And Vulnerabilities
  • Perform Internal Audits And Blackbox/Whitebox Penetration Tests For All Infrastructure Including Customer Facing Systems
  • Creating Security Standards, Policies And Procedure Guidelines

DC Ops Engineer And Systems Admin

Linode LLC - Galloway NJ - 11.2014 to 8.2015
Deploy New Systems
Responding To Incidents
R&D, Build & Improve Tools
In my Datacenter Ops role, my primary responsibilities was to deploy new servers while keeping our existing infrastructure running. In addition to those responsibilities, I was able to create and improve some administration tools to make both deployments and troubleshooting issues easier.
  • Plan And Deploy New Systems From Server Build To Stack
  • Monitor, Troubleshoot and Repair Server And System Issues
  • Automate Administration Tasks, Improve Existing Systems and Roll Out New Ones

Customer Systems Support Engineer

Linode LLC - Galloway NJ - 3.2014 to 11.2014
Troubleshooting Systems
Threat Mitigation
Improving Tools
In my first position at Linode, I was responsible for troubleshooting issues with customer systems and actively mitigating attacks and threats. I was also responsible for assisting customers in deployments and migrations to our platform.
  • Troubleshoot Customer System Issues
  • Performing Required System Maintenance, Planning Migration Plans And Downtime
  • Engineering And Deploying Systems For Customers, Including Custom Stacks And Solutions
  • Mitigate Ongoing Attacks And Threats

Network Administrator

A-Tech - Galloway NJ - 1.2013 to 1.2014
Monitoring And Maintenance
Deploying New Systems
Improving Existing Systems
As the only IT personnel at A-Tech, I was responsible for all technology owned by the company. During my time there, I was able to reduce technology spending by more than 50%, and developed a sustainable technology plan for all technology assets in the company.
  • Manage And Maintain All Technology Assets
  • Handle All Internal And Customer Facing Technology Issues
  • Reduced IT Cost Of Operation By Over 50%
  • Systems And Server Rollout, Design, And Upgrades

NOC Engineer

Synchronoss Technologies - Bethlehem PA - 7.2012 to 12.2012
Systems Engineering
Existing System Integration
At Synchronoss, I was in charge of a team that planned and executed migrations for a few large clients. I also had the opportunity to engineer systems that allowed for consolidation during the migration.
  • Created A Migration Proposal For Approval And Rollout
  • Performed Large Scale Migrations Of Critical Infrastructure
  • Created Network and Data Redundancy Plans

Junior Systems Engineer

United Parcel Service - Bethlehem PA - 7.2012 to 12.2012
Monitoring Systems
Deploying New Systems
Provisioning Users
During this work study program, I was part of the SysAdmin team in charge of all production systems for the company. I gained a great amount of real world exposure and invaluable practical experience during my time there.
  • Monitoring Server Status And Correcting Server Issues
  • Provisioning Groups And Users As Needed In The Required Systems
  • Deploying New Base Systems

Hobbies And Favorites

I have no life


Aside from combing through the code of an awesome exploit or trying out the latest product, I'm a big UFC fan, enjoy target shooting and am a sucker for a good EDC loadout. I also love Python and writing awesome backend automation scripts for doing things I don't wanna do more than once. I love building things, making things better, and hunting down the best tools for the job.


Personal RSS Feed - My aggregated feed I've personally curated and use (also tt-rss ftw)
WhatWeb - One of my site fingerprinting tools. Fast and reliable, and enumerates hundreds of web technologies.
UFONet - Crowdsourced DDoS Botnet with built-in dork result aggregator and Tor HTTP proxy built in.
DNS Dumpster - A great tool from HackerTarget, and proven to be either just as good or better than subdomain brute forcing.
SET - Super powerful tool. Also because manually creating a phishing site sucks.
dvcs-ripper - Rips git repos from sites and has some clever tricks built in to automate the process.
Scans.io Reports - Instead of running your own zmap/masscan tunneled through found proxy lists, check out these!
wfuzz - A great, malleable web fuzzer and my go to API fuzzing tool.

Contact Info

If you're an employer or just have a question, reach out!

Anthony Velardi

63 Snow Mass Court - Galloway NJ
Phone: 609-289-5182
@avelardi on oftc
XMPP: avelardi@jabb3r.org
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